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Apply For A Book Donation

BookEnds current program concentration is in the Greater Los Angeles area, and we are seeking schools and nonprofit youth organizations that have a proven commitment to improving the literacy of their students.  Please fill out a questionnaire to tell us about your organization and its need for books. After receiving your information, we will arrange a site visit to learn more about your organization.

If you have any questions about filling out our form, please call our office at 310-478-2665 or email us at info@bookends.org and ask to speak with a Director of Programs.
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What programs are presently in place to promote student and family literacy?
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How will you ensure the books are processed for student use in a timely manner?  How will they have access for these books?
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Would your organization be willing to participate in a post-delivery evaluation process to ascertain how the BookEnds donation improved the opportunity for literacy in your children?
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Would our student volunteers be able to deliver the books to your organization?
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BookEnds encourages reciprocity among all book drive participants. Should your organization be selected to receive a BookEnds donation, we would be happy to discuss, prior to the book delivery, ways in which your organization can appropriately provide a reciprocal experience.

Is the school administration willing to be involved with publicity efforts for BookEnds, such as participating in media interviews and allowing cameras to film or photograph your facility?
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Will you be willing to provide BookEnds with signed copies of photo consent forms, granting permission that photos taken during a BookEnds delivery may be used on the BookEnds Web site or in the BookEnds newsletter?
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